The LASD Motorsports desert racing team re-introduced an off road racing element to the organization with the Predator Class 3000 open wheeled buggy in 2011. The car received a lot of attention.  Powered by the GM 2.5 Liter Ecotec motor, it wasn't the fastest car in off road racing, but it was quick, fun, and got us back into the game.  In 2014 an opportunity came to step it up a few classes and be part of a much more competetive limited trophy truck class. Although the limited classes are meant to even the playing field and make racing more affordable, a limited class trophy truck still isnt cheap. Especially for a couple of civil servants on a fixed salary.  Never the less we set out to do it.  With the help of a little overtime, and help from sponsors and donors, the project is coming together.  Lt. Bob Furman took on the role of project manager and sought the help necessary to make this vision come true. 

After presenting the idea to various off road and automotive industry companies, the level of support grew.  Sponsorships and commitments to provide various components began to materialize. The opportunity to build the truck presented a challenge since we literally had no budget to speak of.  We experienced some heartache along the way after getting started.  The builder we partnered with experienced some hardships and the project was delayed for almost two years.  We were worried sponsors would pull their support. One committed sponsor passed away.  Some companies were sold and representatives changed.  It was difficult to keep the excitement and support alive when we had nothing to show for it.  It got to the point where we thougt this project was too big for us. Materials and cash had been donated.  Bob had money wrapped into the project as well. Before pulling the plug we thought we'd give it one more shot.  Bob reached out to another builder.

Bob plead our case to Brian Shaleen, the owner of Fusion Off Road. Fusion is well established in the industry and builds quality off road race vehicles.  But again...we had no budget. We were pretty much starting over.  Brian saw potential in our program and liked what we were doing.  After some negotiation, we struck a deal we could work with and immediately moved forward.  In October of 2016, Brian agreed to build us one of his newest spec class trophy trucks.  He began immediately.  Fortunately for us Brian has a great relationship with various industry leaders.  Some of those very same companies had committed to help us out.  When we informed our sponsors we were working with Fusion, the excitement seemed to reignite. We still have a ways to go, but we've gotten a lot farther in the past 4 months than we have over the past 3 years. You can see the progress in the photos. 

The progress of this build has been shared on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow us as we move forward.  Tell us what you think.  We anticipate the project being completed sometime towards the end of spring.