It all started more than 20 Years ago when two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies developed a community outreach program combining their passion for helping others and racing cars.  The program was originated to deter kids from illegal street racing, drug abuse and gang involvement.  From those humble beginnings, LASD Motorsports evolved into the largest law enforcement racing and outreach team in the United States. 

It didn’t take long to realize the race cars were an effective means to attract an audience.  It’s no secret.  Kids like “cool” cars.  Kids are inquisitive and drawn to our vehicles.  This gives us an opportunity to interact with our youths in a more subtle, non-authoritative setting.  Our experiences in racing generate real stories we can share promoting team spirit, hard work, humility, overcoming challenges, dealing with disappointment, and achieving goals.  

Although the initial target audience was geared towards the kids, we couldn’t  ignore the fact  that  many adults were  equally  fascinated with our vehicles.  People of all ages stopped to talk about the cars, our sponsors, law enforcement, or to simply say “hello”.  We expanded our outreach efforts to include public safety programs important to adults.  It’s during these encounters we’re able discuss our programs, talk about  issues affecting the community, and develop the trust necessary to gain the public support.

As our audience grew, so did we.  More deputies joined the team over the years bringing with them a variety of race vehicles.  To be part of the team, members shall be committed to; conduct themselves professionally at all times, participate in community events, maintain vehicle appearance consistent with current LASD color schemes, and be competetive. 

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies Motorsports racing organization is an independently operated 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, public and youth outreach program operated exclusively by Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs.  Each of our members are active duty sworn Deputy Sheriff's working various assignments within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  

The team has made hundreds of appearances at schools, community events, and several race tracks throughout the western United States and Canada.

The race cars are completely funded by the Deputies and their sponsors. No tax dollars are used to fund the program.

Our Mission: 
   - Strengthen the trust between the public and law enforcement.
   - Promote public safety.
   - Promote education.
   - Expand our presence as role models in the community.


For information on how to have LASD Motorsports come to your school or event, call (562) 719-7669 or e-mail us at: