Sergeant Scott Graham

Scott Graham served 33 years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department before retiring as a Sergeant in July 2019.

He worked in various capacities within the department, including custody, patrol, gang enforcement, internal affairs and narcotics.  He continues to be part of the LASD Motorsports program as a retiree.  Scott has been racing and building cars since High School. Prior to joining the Sheriff’s Department, he worked as an apprentice journalist for “Four Wheeler” Magazine where he wrote articles for the magazine and was involved in the building and testing of off road vehicles. He also went to College and majored in automotive industrial education and was a certified mechanic.

Scott is married and has four children. His hobbies include racing cars, water skiing, and camping with his family.

All Scott’s racing is done on his own time and expense with the help of sponsors. He thanks his wife Sharon, his family, and the Crew: Kris, Rob, Randy, and Sheriff Alex Villanueva for their support.


Lieutenant Robert Furman    

Bob is a 30-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.   After working his jail assignments, he worked various patrol assignments at Lakewood, Compton, Century, and South Los Angeles Sheriff’s stations.  Bob is currently a Lieutenant assigned to Communications and Fleet Management Bureau overseeing the Department’s fleet operations where he manages over 7500 vehicles and pieces of equipment.  He spent 22 years in the US Navy Reserves serving in both Seabee and Special Warfare commands.  He retired in 2008 as a Chief Petty Officer after serving tours in both Kuwait and Iraq .

Bob has been an off-road enthusiast since his early teens. He competes as co-driver with teammate Erik Reynolds.  In 2012 Bob and Erik secured a 2nd place win over all in the HDRA class 3000.  In 2011 they placed 3rd in class in the MORE Series.  In 2019 Bob and Erik began competing in a Polaris Government and Defense sponsored RZR; participating in events such as the Mint 400 and the UTV World Championships

Bob currently lives in Orange County California with his wife Helen and daughter Chloe.  His interests include two and four-wheel off-road motorsports, traveling, and entertaining family and friends.


Deputy Fred Cardenas    

Fred is a 21-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. After Working Twin Towers Correctional Facility, He worked at the East Los Angeles station, Transit Services Bureau. He is currently assigned to Court Services Transportation where he is a Driver Trainer.

Fred started competing in Off Road racing on a Dirt bike at District 37 races, in 2003 he competed at the SCORE INTERNATIONAL BAJA 250 in Baja California, He competed again in 2004 and in 2006 at the BAJA 500. Fred began competing in Best in The Desert racing on his Can Am in 2017 till 2020. Currently Racing Legacy Racing Series and 6th in points.

Fred currently resides in Riverside, California with his wife Alejandra, Son Gavin and Daughter Avery. His interests are anything and everything Off Road when he isn't racing, he is chasing for other teams.


Detective Andrew Armes

Andrew is a 16-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and still serves Los Angeles County residents as an auto theft detective.

After working his jail assignment, he worked various patrol assignments at Carson, Transit Services Bureau, and East Los Angeles Sheriff’s stations. Andrew is currently a Detective assigned to an auto theft task force. He spends his off-time with the LASD Motorsports program. Andrew started his racing career at a young age, kart racing at California Speedway (now Auto Club Speedway). After realizing his passion for motorsports and everything fast, he quickly learned the price to go fast was not doable on mechanics salary. After College he applied for the Sheriff’s Department and the rest is history. Andrew now has several cars including a Chevelle, ZL1 Camaro, Tesla Model S, Nitrous powered crown victory and the little legend car known at Irwindale Speedway as “Sonic”

Andrew is a family man who enjoys racing cars, boats and basically anything that goes fast. He and his family spend many weekends at the racetrack or events to promote program.

All Andrew’s racing and event appearances are done on his personal time and expense, no taxpayers dollars are spent to fund the program. He would like to thank his family and race crew (BJ racecars, Scott Graham, John Hatfield, Andrew Linga and Scott Freeborn).

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