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Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies Motorsports was organized  and is exclusively operated by Deputy Sheriff’s of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Our members each share a passion for serving the public and racing competitively. This program provides unique and exciting opportunities to promote public safety and youth programs to our communities …. both on and off the track.  LASD Motorsports is one of the largest law enforcement endorsed racing and public outreach programs in the United States.  We are not an official function of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.


The vehicles are a fun and effective means to reach out and interact with the public in a social and positive setting. We promote education and bring awareness to dangers associated with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, gang violence, and unsafe driving. Our members appear at schools; and participate in numerous charity and community events throughout southern California.  

Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies Motorsports is a privately operated 501(c) (3) organization.  Our members participate on their off-duty time, at no expense to tax payers. No tax dollars are used to fund this program.

"The racing is just one of our ways of giving back.  Who else provides an opportunity to run from the Sheriff, run after the Sheriff, or run into the Sheriff without going to jail?"    Lt. Bob Furman - Desert Racing Team

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