​LASD Motorsports Sponsors:



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Motorsports racing is the fastest growing spectator sport in in the United States with an annual attendance exceeding millions. So why sponsor our program?
  1. A sponsorship is more than just a financial gesture. It’s an opportunity to support communities with actions instead of words. 
  2. Partner  with a youth  and public safety program associated with one of the largest and most respected law enforcement agencies in the world.
  3. Strengthen your relationships with our communities, audiences, and a growing spectator base.
  4. Exciting marketing opportunity. 
Our members become a valuable resource of a company’s marketing team.  As our members compete in various racing disciplines, sponsors are not limited to any single race venue.  LASD Motorsports can tailor a sponsorship based on your company’s contribution and desired level of exposure.  Organization wide sponsorships are encouraged.  However, sponsors may support any number of vehicles as their corporate needs, budgets, or preferences dictate.  
What sets L.ASD Motorsports aside from other race teams is that we are much more than just a race team.  As a recognized public safety and youth outreach organization, our members regularly participate in law enforcement, community, charity, school, and trade show events each year.  The potential for corporate exposure extends far beyond the race track. 

Sponsorships make it possible to compete and continue our outreach efforts by assisting us with the funding required for fuel, vehicle maintenance and upgrades, marketing, educational materials, and race fees.  Since all of our members volunteer their time, all funds obtained go directly towards our operating costs. LASD Motorsports value our sponsor’s support and trust.  Sponsors can expect non-stop professionalism from our members.  We are committed to working hard to represent each sponsor with dedication, integrity, and respect regardless the size of their sponsorship contract.